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Revenue Acceleration

Create and implement a sales & marketing plan that significantly improves your revenue curve.

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Strategy Alignment

Clearly articulate the granular details of all aspects of a winning strategy including industry positioning.

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Strategic Partnerships

Identify, prepare, and strike impactful partnerships and strategic industry alliances.

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Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions

Identify and establish the most suitable strategy finance your company or create more corporate value faster via acquisitions or a merge.

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  • Eric is the professional incarnation of the great hockey player that he is. Hard-working, disciplined, tenacious, aggressive, smart, humble, team-orientated, focused on result. His ultimate resolve is wrapped-up in an open-mind and that makes him a powerful leader. No matter what he applies his mind to, he will make it happen.”

    Louis Gagnon, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Yodle, NY

  • I worked with Eric after we acquired his company, eFundraising.com. Eric built a game changing technology platform for the fundraising industry which speaks to his vision, technology expertise, and drive. But what defines Eric, is his ability to execute and his people management skills.

    Rick Inatome, Founder, Inacom – Detroit, Michigan

  • Eric is a hard charging and extremely talented leader with off-the-charts strategic thinking and product innovation skills. But as good as Eric is on the visionary side of the equation, he is just as adept, if not more so, on the management and execution side. A super talented business professional who knows how to get things done! I look forward to working with him in the future.

    Tim Boylan, President, OfficePartners360, Inc. – New York, NY

  • Eric is bright, productive, passionate and a born fighter. His business skill are phenomenal and he's one of those rare entrepreneurs that knows how to take an idea and bring it to market successfully. He's a born leader that inspires his teams to greatness and he constantly pushes the boundaries of innovations. Working with him has been a great experience, in fact he's inspired me to become an entrepreneur.”

    Dave Lundberg, Chief Technology Officer – San Francisco

  • Eric is sharp; talented at building successful teams, he is creative, analytical and inspiring at the same time. Eric leads by example and through him, dynamic environments take form and energy levels converge to bring out the best in whatever he or his teams are doing. Spend time with Eric and you will see his core capacities lie in his strength to deliver powerful corporate strategy - whether it be in developing cutting edge technology or delivering competent, creative business deals - that deliver numbers and tell stories to investors and partners. This is a man I look forward to working with again. If not for all of this, well, then at least for his former Montreal Canadians Jersey that hangs proudly in his office.

    Sean Morrow, President, 401 Redirect Media - Montreal

  • Eric is one the most productive, hardworking and detail-oriented person that I have ever worked with. His "can-do" attitude is both refreshing and motivating. Eric is a rare mix of superior sales skills, aptitude for technology and strong business acumen. A master at relationship, Eric has the unique ability to instantly establish liking and respect --- with prospects and senior executives alike. His skills combined with sheer tenacity are what make Eric remarkable. Eric sets the benchmark for how other executives are measured.”

    Eric Vaillancourt, Technology Consultant & Mentor at Technologia - Montreal

  • I have been priviledged to have worked with Eric. He is creative, smart, adaptable and hard working. Very engaging as well. Eric is an extremely talented executive.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

    Mike Reed, CEO Gatehouse Media – Rochester, NY

  • I met Eric through ZapMe's acquisition of efundraising.com, a Montreal-based company Eric co-founded and built into one of the most successful fundraising support companies. In addition to demonstrating his chops as an entrepreneur, Eric also proved to be a talented executive within a larger organization, making the move from Montreal to the Bay Area and assuming responsibility for the business unit. Eric is bright, tenacious, creative, and a problem solver. Easy to work with and inspiring to others. Pretty good hockey player too. I'd recommend Eric for just about any role and expect he will continue to have great success.

    Bruce Bower, CEO PlasticJungle – San Francisco, CA

  • Eric is the most inspiring person I know. It will always end up with his ideas. With him, a dream come true. "The greatest fighter" ( everywhere, in sports in his professional life). A great motivator and always positive. "Built" to meet the big challenges.

    Martin Rousseau, CTO, Various Tech Start-ups - Montreal

  • Working for Eric was not only a great experience, but really inspiring by visionary management style. His capacities to elaborate and create new marketing approach were astonishing. Eric is a focus person and natural talented entrepreneur .

    Sebastien Forget, CEO Solutions Metrics - Montreal

  • Eric is a total pro. He has a deep understanding of the discount commerce space, combined with a depth of insight and excellent communication skills. I have always enjoyed all dealings with Eric. I recommend him to others for collaboration.

    Mark Donohue, Chairman & CEO, TripAlertz.com – San Francisco, CA

  • I had the opportunity to work with Eric for approximately 2 years. I found him to be more than the typical CEO. He had a very firm grasp on the financial side of the business. He was analytical as well as a visionary. His financial knowledge allowed him to plan very effectively. A solid CEO

    Keith Findlay, CFO, X2O Media - Montreal

  • I worked closely with Eric for 10 years as head of HR. Eric fostered a winning culture within the organization. He set the tone for a positive and productive work environment. Eric instinctively knew the right things to do and communicate to ensure everyone was highly motivated, shared the vision, and strived to surpass our targets. People liked working at OneBigPlanet. I have seen a few people leave, and many later returning when re-invited back. From my experience in HR, I truly believe it takes a special person to be able to inspire such trust and be a great mentor

    Nancy Van Rantwyk, Director of Operations, OneBigPlanet Corp. - Montreal

  • From the time he was recruited out of university, we knew he would be a special hire. Our formal and extensive sales training program which easily rivaled others in terms of challenge and difficulty, focused on building skills at uncovering client needs, offering client focused solutions, delivering effective presentations, cold calling, and overcoming objections. Eric soon moved from mastering these skills to mentoring, teaching, and being a role model for others. Eric excelled in all the areas and showed extreme competence in all manners relating to sales, sales management, and customer service.

    John Koloda, Koloda - Montreal